Big Dog & The Samp Rat's Gold

(Release April 2019!)

The Legend of the Flying Snallygaster

Release date 2016-06-31  Available in stores,, other online stores

Folks spilled out the church door in time to see a shadow pass dove and raised, dove and raised again. Silence. Then screaming.
Then two men from the Smithsonian Museum came to investigate the sightings:  Just as they started for the farmhouse, a large object flew above their heads on the rising wind. The two young men did a little flying themselves.

What was this flying object that so rattled people? Was it possible that tales from the 1700's of a large dragon-like creature known as the Snallygaster were true? It was said to have a 30' wingspan, 20' long tail, a dark body with beady yellow eyes, sharp talons, and a large beak. And what do two brothers and a younger sister living on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Maryland have to do with this mystery?  Set in 1908, even President Teddy Roosevelt gets involved! Join us in following the fascinating adventures of The Legend of the Flying Snallygaster, the latest book by children's book author Jean Leigh Claudette.



Release date 2014-10-07  Available in stores, Amazon, other online stores and Redemption Press

As they came closer Gracie noticed lights shining through the back window.  She stopped short; Kit slammed into her from behind.  She grabbed a pigtail on Mary Rose's head and jerked her to a stop. "There ought not be lights on in that bank this time of day" said Gracie. 

Who is Gracie and why is she snooping around a bank at night?  Eleven-year old Grace Phizzburton, aka, Gracie Phizz, runs her own private detective agency.  Her logo: "If you don't call the fuzz, call the Phizz."  Follow her adventures in Jean Leigh Claudette's newest book, "Gracie Phizz, Private Detective".


The Classified Files Of Sweet William Farm JD's Adventures Begin

 Release date Nov. 2011  Available in stores,, other online stores

Setting his cap firmly on his head, JD took deep breaths and moved toward the work bench. He climbed to the work bench. He flattened himself against the wall, knowing that a good agent must never be seen. Trembling with excitement, he reached for the keys. He lifted the keys from the nail, shivering with anticipation. He said to himself, "I can do this!"

The Sweet William Farm in Tennessee seems like any regular farm. It has pigs, ducks, cows, and horses; but it also has a RIGS agent named JD. What's RIGS? Who's JD? Why RIGS stands for Raccoons in Government Service, and JD is a secret agent raccoon!

JD sharpens his secret agent skills by borrowing the farm truck to learn how to drive. He adds to his RIGS arsenal by building a hovercraft out of the old popcorn machine in the barn, and he covertly protects the residents of the Sweet William Farm.

Strap on your night-vision goggles and follow JD in his top-secret RIGS missions in The Classified Files of Sweet William Farm: JD's Adventures Begin!

Jean Leigh Claudette's headquarters are in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. She comes from a family of authors, storytellers, musicians, and artists.



Release date 02-04-2014  Available in stores,, other online stores

JD stepped into the water and opened his RIGS standard issue field agent bag.  He pulled out an odd looking device.  It was a small mechanical!  What a beauty shining in the moonlight.  It was a motorboat he built in the work shed. His paws with thumbs moved deftly over the  remote control.  The odd little boat flew across the water.  It shot out a stream of red hot pepper juice at high velocity.  The first coyote was struck dead center on the nose and ran for the woods.

 In the second book of The Classified Files series, our hero JD is still fighting crime, perfecting his craft, and helping others with his daring missions.  JD is a RIGS secret agent (Raccoons in Government Service). A secret agent needs a keen mind and sharp skill sets along with the courage and determination to complete his missions.  JD must stay well ahead of the criminal element in his territory of Sweet William Farm.  He keeps his field agent bag ready and his eyes and ears open.  You never know what can happen next.  Join the excitement in The Classified Files: JD’s Adventure Continues. 
Jean Leigh Claudette's headquarters are in the mountains of east Tennessee.



Release date Aug. 2015  Available in stores,, other online stores

Twas a chilly spring night in the Highlands of Scotland.  The wind was roaring and whining down the mountains and through the glens...The legendary Crystal Horse of the Highland Woods had been stolen... FIGS headquarters wanted Catty Poo-Maru, the Highland Storm, on the job.
Catty was wearing a 1940s motorcycle helmet and goggles on his big head...his teeth shining in the darkness. And he was laughing!

Catty Poo-Maru is a Highland Tiger cat who lives in the rough wooded highlands surrounding Castle Poo-Maru in Scotland. Known as the Highland Storm for his fearlessness in pursuing justice, Catty is a member of FIGS (Felines in Government Service) and races around on his motorcycle, using his detective skills to catch thieves and criminals. Follow his exciting adventures in Catty Poo-Maru, The Highland Storm.



Release date 2014-10-07  Available in stores,, other online stores

"The agents set their caps firmly on their heads, strap their standard issue field agent bags on, and move silently out into the rain. JD and his father take the hedgerow behind the barn while Bubba and Catty make for the opposite side of the farmhouse."

What new adventure awaits JD? Why has Catty, a field agent from Scotland, come to Sweet William Farm? Follow the latest saga of JD, the RIGS (Raccoons in Government Service) secret agent, in The Classified Files: JD and the Missing Treasure, the third book featuring our hero raccoon by Jean Leigh Claudette.  Jean Leigh Claudette loves sharing mystery and adventure stories with children. Raised on a farm, she lives in east Tennessee and encourages a love of reading and using one's imagination.