Twin Sisters Become Children's Book Authors

Twin sisters Jean Valentine and Leigh Hartigan are award-winning authors of juvenile fiction and children's books.  They began this new venture in 2010, choosing the pen name Jean Leigh Claudette. Their first book was a juvenile fiction for middle graders, The Classified Files of Sweet William Farm, JD's Adventures Begin.

It was released in November 2011. This is a chapter book featuring JD, a secret agent raccoon, set on a farm in East Tennessee where he uses his skill, courage, and imagination to solve mysteries and bring bad guys to justice, often in hilarious ways.
They released their second book, Mercedes James, On Birdies, Mice, Cookies and Clock in the spring of 2012. It is for young readers and features Mercedes James, a rambunctious 6-year old girl who uses her energy and imagination to create hilarious and entertaining adventures.
They have since released additional books:
 Mercedes James, Shrugs, Hugs and Other Valuable Things, a follow up to the first Mercedes James book.
The Classified Files of Sweet William Farm,  JD's Adventures Continue and The Classified Files, JD and the Missing Treasure are the next two in the JD adventure series.
Gracie Phizz, Private Detective, a chapter book featuring Gracie Phizz, an eleven-year old girl who runs her own private detective agency.
Catty Poo-Maru: The Highland Storm features a Highland Tiger cat living in the highlands surrounding a Scottish castle who fearlessly pursues justice to catch thieves and criminals.
The Legend of the Flying Snallygaster, an adventure based on a legend about a dragon-like creature in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

All their books teach low-keyed life lessons built on adventure, mystery, problem solving, and fun. They love to share their passion for reading with children.