Mercedes James  Shrugs, Hugs and Other Valuable Things

Release date Oct. 2013  Available in stores,, other online stores 

Mercedes pushed a few more buttons on the bubble maker and hit the fan.  Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! Cede had to feel for the piano bench as she batted the bubbles away from her eyes.

In this second book of the Mercedes James series, the exploits of six-year-old Mercedes James continues.  Whether being "cool", sharing hugs, batting ball, making soup, or making bubbles, her creative solutions and fun-filled adventures will bring a smile to your face while warming your heart!


Mercedes James On Birdies, Mice, Cookies, & Clocks 


Release date Jan. 2012 Available in stores,, other online stores

Mercedes James is six-years-old, and she is rambunctious!  When her family goes to the beach, she wants to catch a seagull. When she makes cookies, they're cut with the molds from her mud maker. When Mercedes gives a mouse to her friend at church, things get crazy. Follow all of Mercedes' hilarious and entertaining adventures in Mercedes James: On Birdies, Mice, Cookies, and Clock!

Jean Leigh Claudette lives in the mountains of East Tennessee.  She comes from a family of authors, story tellers, musicians, and artists.